1. Where I can find Daily Noodle Product?
    You can find our noodle products in here.
  1. Can I purchase Daily Noodle directly to Daily Noodle Factory?
    Yes, in this case we will deliver your order to your place, please fill our order form.
  1. How can I request sample noodle for my company?
    To receive sample from Daily Noodle, please send your request by email to office@dailynoodle.co.id. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible once we received your email.
  1. Can I request Daily Noodle to create my own preferences noodle?
    Yes, you can request your noodle based on your own preferences. Please contact our customer service for further information.
  1. Can I purchase Daily Noodle if I’m not located in Bali?
    We do apologize, at this moment Daily Noodle is only can purchase in Bali.
  1. How should I keep my noodle?
    You can keep your noodle in refrigerator or freezer.
  1. What is the expected shelf life of Daily Noodle product?
    Most of our noodles have shelf life of 3 weeks in refrigerator and 2 months in freezer. Please see expired date sticker in our product for more detailed information.
  1. How can I properly cook frozen noodle?
    We recommend you to defrost the noodle first in the refrigerator before you cook it in boiling water.
  1. Do you have gluten free product?
    Yes, we do have gluten free product. Please contact our customer service for further information.
  1. Is your product halal?
    Yes, our product is 100% halal.